Event Scheduling & Reporting

Procedure for Scheduling & Reporting Events and Functions at Tampa Lodge 708

1. Identify the date of your function or event
2. Identify conflicts for your date
   a. External events (e.g. MacDill Airfest)
   b. Holidays
   c. Religious dates
   d. Check internet for competing events, parades, sporting events, etc.
3. Check Lodge Calendar for conflicts
   a. Check calendar online, paper copy at lodge or call Calendar keeper
   b. Mandated lodge functions; DD Visits, Flag Day, Mothers Day, etc.
   c. Scheduled Hall Usage
4. Complete Memorandum (click document icon below to save form)
   a. Include as much information about your event as possible
   b. Identify specific needs
   c. Complete Event worksheet as needed.
5. Submit your request to the ER
   a. E-mail, post office, bring to lodge office
6. Wait for a response for your request
   a. You will not have to contact the calendar keeper. If approved, this will be done through the House Committee
   b. Written confirmation will be posted in a notebook in the lodge office and e-mailed to you if applicable.
7. If two requests are received for the same date, the date of original submission and the completeness of the request will serve to break the tie.
8. After the event, submit your Committee Report Form (below) to the Lodge Secretary no later than the meeting immediately following the function.

Word Doc    Acrobat PDF Doc
Lodge Request Memorandum
and Event Worksheet

Word Doc
Committee Report Form

Acrobat PDF Doc
Committee Chairperson List 2016


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Note that the web calendar is for planning purposes and is subject to frequent changes.