Exalted Ruler - Tracy Horrell

A Message from your Exalted Ruler

It is a great honor to be the Tampa Lodge #708 Exalted Ruler! I am very proud of our Lodge and its members. And to my wonderful husband Addison, I want to say, I could not do this without your love and support. Thanks for being there! To all those working hard on projects or events for our Lodge, keep up the good work and know that it is greatly appreciated. It takes time and energy to make our Lodge run smoothly and be successful, but I know if we all work together we will achieve great things! If you would like to get involved or volunteer for a project or event, please contact me by phone or email, or see any Lodge officer. Any suggestions are always welcome. Help is always needed and appreciated. My motto for the year is...


Tracy Horrell, ER, PER

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