Exalted Ruler - Chris Miles

Plus It!

Each Elk year begins with the opportunity to continue doing what we do well and the chance to look back at where we can improve. Tony Robbins is famous for saying, “If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards”. So let us make a New Year’s Resolution: Envision what we want our future to look like and raise our standards to meet it.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is another common phrase. However, I know you’ll agree the small stuff is the difference between good and great. Sure service should be fast, beer cold, and food hot, but people notice when you add that little extra. It’s the greeting and warm smile when you walk in, and the “goodbye we’ll see you later” as you go. It’s a lagniappe in New Orleans, a baker’s dozen at the doughnut shop. Disney cast members “Plus It” for their guests.
So let’s try and deliver something beyond what our members and guests expect, and once we think we’ve figured it out let’s go further to “plus it” some more. Members will appreciate it, and guests will be enticed. So as we move into the new year I ask you to expand past normal routines and consider that little extra you can do to make it special to those around you. I promise we’ll all benefit from that “little extra”.

In fraternal brotherhood,
Chris Miles, ER

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