Exalted Ruler - Paul DeLand

1 New Member

THANK YOU!, the members of Tampa Lodge #708, for placing your faith in me to lead this utmost to deserve that faith.

My Motto for the year, is “1 New Member”. To be sustainable a Lodge like ours should have 500 members. Can you bring “?” to the Lodge? Each of us knows at least one person we would like to have join us in this mighty effort to serve our youth and veterans and enjoy the fellowship and social sides of Elkdom as well.

While we as a large face many challenges, none is more daunting than that of a sustainable membership level. I will be asking each member to find one person they can bring into Tampa Lodge for a visit, to introduce them around to both members and our many programs for charitable causes. I will help you at anytime to host someone for a visit. Help me grow the Lodge.

So I say to my fellow Pirate Lodge members, “Fasten your seat belts, hang on, and get involved for an exciting, fulfilling and great year for our Lodge!


“1 New Member"

in Elkdom,
Paul DeLand, ER

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