A Tampa Elks Toast

by Larry Quire, PER 2000-2001

Members and Guests:

These eleven chimes of clarity have brought attention to our ear.

Let brotherly love, justice and charity guide our actions throughout the year.

We toast now in brief meditation and pray God keep our country free,

And bring peace to each warring nation so our passed away members may see,

That the star of fidelity shines brightly and steers us throughout our lives.

Benevolent Elkdom meets here nightly with friends, husbands and wives.

We will always remember September eleven, and pray each victim has gone to heaven.

Terrorism will not prevail. Their only choice is death or jail.

Let our glorious flag wave forever, with gentle breezes from Tampa Bay,

Guide our officers in every endeavor, as they manage our lodge each day.

The faults of our members are written in sand, but their virtues from the past we remember.

When we give a hug or shake a hand, it's a toast, to an absent member.

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