Lodge Operations & Hours

Office Operations
Monday & Wednesday 2pm - 6pm
- Office Phone: 813-831-4280
Or call for appointment: 262-496-7342

Lounge Operations
Monday - Thursday 4pm - 11pm *
Friday: 4pm - Midnight *
Saturday 4pm - 11pm *
Sunday 4pm - 9pm *
  - Lounge Phone: 813-839-8928
* NOTE: If there are five or fewer patrons, the House Committee Member or Lodge Officer closing the Lounge/Bar may close up to one hour before the normal closing time.

Entertainment Schedule:
Live music and dancing is provided on some Thursday and/or Friday evenings for your listening and dancing pleasure.
Please see the THIS WEEK flyer for details of the current week.
Please see the online Web Calendar for details of the currrent and upcoming months.

Currently dining service is provided most Thursday and Friday evenings.  Additional events may provide food or pot-luck opportunities.
Please see the THIS WEEK flyer, Upcoming Events flyers and online Web Calendar for details of food offerings.

Recreational Vehicles:
We can provide limited RV parking behind our Lodge. Please contact the Lodge office or Lounge in advance to ensure availablity.

Event Scheduling

Hall Information

Lodge Officers